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Band Of Beirdos – the Alarmist Brewing mug club!

Band Of Beirdos – the Alarmist Brewing mug club!

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Introducing the Alarmist Brewing mug club: Band Of Beirdos. Beers, biers, beards, weirdos...describes Alarmist Brewing pretty well. 



For $125/year you (or the recipient) can become a member in good standing of our exclusive brother/sister hood. We are limiting the club to 125 members in 2024. Membership includes:

  • Exclusive use of the 2024 Band Of Beirdos mug, this is the gorgeous Sahm Praha 24.25 oz Tankard. Your mug stays at the taproom, you take it home at the end of year. New mug design every year.
  • Membership card
  • Upgrade to 20 oz pours instead of .5 L (16.9 oz) for all beers normally served in .5 L pours.
  • High ABV beers not normally served in .5 L pours are $2 off their normal pour size.
  • $2 off all 4-packs to go

  • 20% off all merchandise

  • Annual members only party IN THE BREWERY!

  • Early access to special releases (like our upcoming first ever barrel-aged imperial stout)

  • Normal releases available a day early, cans and draft. These will not be on menu for the other mortals until the next day. 

  • Membership renewal priority

  • Subscription to the Band Of Beirdos newsletter.


Please see the How to Get Started section on this page for final instructions, including gift info, after purchase. This info will also be included in the download link you'll receive after purchase. 

  • How to Get Started

    Starting January 1, 2024

    After purchase you will receive a link to a Certificate of Membership and a copy of these instructions. This link will also be emailed to you in the receipt, so don't fret if you accidently leave the web page with the link. The files will be bundled together in a zip file (both iOS and Android require you to send/share the .zip files to their respective Files app, then unzip from there. It's much easier to deal with .zip files on a computer, FYI). For EACH membership purchased in the order, print and fill out the lucky member's name and email address. The member(s) can visit the taproom starting January 1, 2024 and show their certificate(s). Alarmist staff will give the member(s) their membership card and they can order their first beer in the Band of Beirdos official mug! 

    If this was a gift, please bring the receipt OR the email address associated with the order for each member in the order.  

    Remember, the mug STAYS at Alarmist until the end of the membership year.  

  • Rules and Disclaimers

    Because we're all human, it's important that we list some rules so everyone is on the same page. 

    • The mug stays at Alarmist Brewing for the membership year. At the end of the year, all members can take home their mug. 
    • All benefits are for the mug club member only. That means mug pours, discounts, etc are only for the member, not their entire party.
    • Benefits are for the membership calendar year only, January 1 to December 31 of each year. 
    • Mugs/membership are not transferable. Your cousin doesn't get to use your membership, only you. 
    • We can revoke membership at any time if you're a jerk, but you won't be because you'll be in the Band Of Beirdos, and we all look out for each other in Band Of Beirdos. 
    • One membership per person. 
    • Member benefits and rules can change at any time. 
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