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Team alarmist

Dedication. Expertise. idiocy.

The finest people you'll ever meet unless you're not in prison. 
Gary Gulley, Chief Alarmist

Gary Gulley

Chief Alarmist

Owner, founder. BS Civil Engineering, 1990, Purdue University. Husband to Bridget, father to Gavin and Declan.

FAVE Alarmist Beer

Midwest Royalty American Lager

FAVE non-Alarmist Beer

Duvel Tripel Hop Citra

Favorite Quote

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean people aren't watching you."

Chris Deering, Taproom Manager

Chris Deering

Taproom Manager

Used to kick old people out of movie theaters for making out.

FAVE Alarmist Beer

Toke Smoked Helles

FAVE non-Alarmist Beer

Jester King Figlet

Favorite Quote

"They say worms are dirty, but worms live in the dirt."

Jason Frillman, Brewer

Jason Frillman


Alarmist's token Grateful Dead fan.

FAVE Alarmist Beer

Midwest Royalty

FAVE non-Alarmist Beer

Michelob Ultra

Favorite Quote

"I don't like quotes."

Ricky Garcia, Bartender

Ricky Garcia


Plays in a metal band.

FAVE Alarmist Beer

Bamberger Rauchbier

FAVE non-Alarmist Beer

Metropolitan Microvolt Lager

Favorite Quote

"Life itself is only a vision. A dream. Nothing exists. Save empty space & you. And you are but a thought."

Dan Flynn, Bartender/Brewer-in-Training

Dan Flynn


Likes a bit of photography, eh, eh? Say no more.

FAVE Alarmist Beer

Simcoe Jus

FAVE non-Alarmist Beer

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Favorite Quote

"A man’s got to believe in something so I believe I’ll have a beer."

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